Room for Dessert

Chocolate cake is the ultimate dessert
I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a distinct difference in the general demeanor of those that work in the bakery department of my local supermarket and those that work in the deli department.

The bakery staff seems more alert and energetic (no doubt a contact sugar rush) and happier while, the deli staff have ‘all business and to the point’ attitudes. I attribute it to the fact that sweets have a hypnotic aroma. As an admitted sugar addict since early childhood, I have had to work diligently at keeping a balance on the intake of sweets and fun foods for the sake of my health and happiness, so when I indulge I can do so without guilt. A good meal with a fine dessert is a complete joy. If you like would like tips on easy ways to make dessert and other fun foods more exciting then this blog is for you. Join me on my journey through the world of quick and delicious eats and gather some useful insights and helpful resources.