Los Tacos – Adding Color to an Ordinary Day

I wanted to try something outside of the lunch box, so I drove a few extra blocks to Los Tacos Restaurant on Royal Palm Boulevard in Coral Springs (FL). Based on the recommendation I was not surprised at how tasty the food was. What amazed me was the atmosphere. Everywhere my co-worker and I looked … Continue reading Los Tacos – Adding Color to an Ordinary Day

Feta Cheese and Olive Pasta

One day I was getting ready to eat and thought of snacking on some feta cheese and olives, but realized that I needed something more filling. I thought about some pasta instead and then it occurred to me that I could mix them together. I love this dish and so does anyone I share it … Continue reading Feta Cheese and Olive Pasta

The Ever Pleasing Patty Melt

This is one of my favorite foods, particularly after coming home from a long painstaking day at work. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Season your beef patty to taste and cook according to preference (try not to over-cook) Remove the patty and place on a dish and clean out the pan for round … Continue reading The Ever Pleasing Patty Melt