Truffles – Mushrooms or Chocolates?

Truffles (Mushrooms): The great fungi are found in Amsterdam, The U.K., and Italy and various other regions. Many emit an "intoxicating fragrance" while others are said to be a little stinky. Whichever, you choose, this mushroom type food is likely to look unsavory on the outside but tastes quite delicious on your pizza. That pizza … Continue reading Truffles – Mushrooms or Chocolates?

Bread Crumbs that Stick to Your Cutlets

For years, when making one of my favorite foods, chicken cutlets, I would run into the sagging breadcrumb dilemma. That is, until I was told by my father, a long time avid food lover and chef that using lemon juice on fried chicken cutlets is a great way to flavor your chicken and make the breadcrumbs … Continue reading Bread Crumbs that Stick to Your Cutlets

Heirloom Pumpkins – What’s This?

These seeds are handed down through generations of pumpkin families and from different parts of the world. Different types of pumpkins/squash are used to make various dishes. A wonderful resource with a mass of relevant pumpkin information can be found at This astonishing natural wonder is actually a cultivar by people in Western countries such … Continue reading Heirloom Pumpkins – What’s This?

Throw a Party together Instantly!

For a quick party platter, arrange sliced cheese and cheese cubes such as jack, muenster and Colby with some jalapeno flavor for added oomph. Purchase some green and purple grapes and add them as a part of the snack tray and arrange them as a decorative garnish. Ritz has a roasted vegetable flavored cracker that … Continue reading Throw a Party together Instantly!

Sweet and Simple

Some of the best things in life are free and many of the best things are the simplest. Take these examples: Meringue, for instance, is a lovely delicate stand-alone dessert or dessert addition and it takes minimal effort to produce. I love this recipe for authentic French Meringue at - Magnifique! How about adding a … Continue reading Sweet and Simple