Famous Holiday Drinks

Oh how I love “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed and all of the other amazing albeit; old actors. If you think you are too young to sit through some ancient movie, think again and check it out. You will be happy you did. Although the angels at the very beginning of the movie look more like amoebas than heavenly beings, … Continue reading Famous Holiday Drinks

Dessert? The Last Minute Bundt

Last night I was asked to bring something, anything baked to the Birthday Bash for a long time friend, Oliver. Our baker extraordinaire was out with a cold. It was going to be a large crowd and there wasn’t much time after the baker’s certainty she was well enough to do her thing but wasn’t, she was worse and with a fever. I ran and … Continue reading Dessert? The Last Minute Bundt

Then there is dessert…

A lovely piece black velvet cake with a cup of espresso coffee is the perfect combo. A lighter textured cake alternative is a slice of New York Cheesecake, just remember that cheesecake in all its glory is one of the most fattening desserts around. Dessert for the whole gang should entail a variety of sweets. A really important task is making sure none of the … Continue reading Then there is dessert…

Celebrating Little Treats

The holidays are two skips away and to say farewell to Summer I want to pass on some tips that may enhance the moments we have left. Have you ever sliced up an apple and covered it with melted caramel? How about a dollop of sour cream on a sliced banana with some sugar sprinkled on top? Maybe a sliced pear with honey drizzled across it? Cool weather … Continue reading Celebrating Little Treats