I am not a great baker like many among us. When I am called upon to bring something homemade, it comes out of a box. I compensate for using store bought items with special touches to enhance presentation and offer a fancy frill somewhere like fresh seasonal fruit, non-pareils, or dainties of some kind. I do earn forgiveness with the seasoned bakers that just want to see some extra effort made for an event to be as successful as possible. We all end up smiling and gliding around on a sugar high. Clean up is a snap and everyone recalls highlights of the occasion. That is how I do my part.


I also love food and like to share some facts about the different kinds of items available around the world, and locally. It is exciting and delightful to me and I hope it will be
to the reader, so thanks for visiting. Here’s to happy dessert n snacking!

Shown Above: Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Shake from Burger 21, Fort Lauderdale, FL