Frozen Pizza & Frozen Yogurt Happy 4th!

The anxiety levels of the neighborhood dogs are peaking. Dads are checking the fireworks from last year to make sure they blow up properly. The poor canines haven’t seen the worst of it yet. My friend’s dog Max is hiding in his crawl space and will not come out, but a bribe consisting of table meat will likely get his attention.

I’m getting ready for the Fourth of July early this year and needed something quick and easy to fix for dinner. I decided on DiGiorno frozen pizza after all “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” and it was on sale, two for ten.

DiGiorno four cheese pizza
DiGiorno four cheese pizza

I grabbed a Mrs. Wonderful triple chocolate fudge cake and a patriotic chocolate brownie collection.


I got the food stored away and slid the frozen hunk of four cheese pizza into the oven. I didn’t like putting the pie right on top of the oven rack but managed to avoid burning myself when I slid it back out. I was surprised by the taste and texture of the pizza.  It was nothing like the cardboard crust with processed cheese food, pizzas of the past.

I finished off the meal with Neapolitan frozen yogurt, rolled in rainbow sprinkles. Only one gram of fat and it tasted really good.


With all of the fun and sparkling pyrotechnics, the importance of the holiday should be remembered. July 4th commemorates America’s Declaration of Independence from Great Britain’s Monarchy. Many men fought and were wounded and died to leave us the legacy of freedom from tyranny. Freedom is such a precious gift and so fragile too. Happy Fourth!

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