Chinese Food for Brunch

My friend and I got together for some songwriting ideas, played with chord progressions, and messed with hook lines. Time really flew when we realized it was 10:00 am in the morning. I got to choose the restaurant and I had a hankering for Chinese food. I did the usual search for Chinese restaurants near me and found a place I’d heard about before. It’s a favorite in Kings Point Florida simply called Canton Chinese Food.

I came to really appreciate Chinese Food working in a hip Hollywood lunch spot named Shanghai Noshery. The chef, Henry Wong, was a chef to the stars. He had catered private parties throughout Hollywood before opening his second thriving Chinese / American style cafe on Sunset Strip. It is said that Henry Wong is the founder of Rumaki and Potstickers in America. I wouldn’t be surprised. He really was a master chef. I still think of him and his family fondly.

We walked into the empty restaurant and were greeted by the waitress. She was a sweet girl and working hard – a common trait among Chinese immigrants. She smiled warmly and said “Hello, hello! sit wherever you like. ” All the seats were empty, and I wondered vaguely what my stomach would think of Chinese cuisine that early in the day. I would find out soon enough. I ordered a spring roll because it seemed like a breakfast type snack as opposed to egg roll which tends to sit heavy in my stomach. I ordered pork lo mein as my main course. It is my very favorite. She brought me this fresh delicate vegetable filled roll and I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. The lo mein was commendable and I worked to satisfy my worldly food hunger. The waitress smiled but seemed bewildered at having customers quite so early.


Chinese Tea
Chinese tea in beautiful cups with indentations on each side for grip.

The stories about Chinese food in American culture vary from Chinese diplomats to Chinese immigrants during the California gold rush. The biggest debate centers around chop suey, the most popular among American Chinese dishes. Was it a lavish invention created by the chef of a diplomat, or a cranky chef who’d thrown it together with scraps from the backyard to feed rowdy gold miners? The fact will elude us all I fear.

Chinese Food - Sauteed shrimp and broccoli
Sauteed shrimp and broccoli

At the end of the meal, I didn’t care. I was filled with massive portions of Asian cuisine and all was right with the world. If you’re in South Florida’s Kings Point area stop by. It’s a no-frills reasonably priced tasty dining experience. 👍

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