Dinner & Dessert – Holiday Preparedness

As I was sitting out front snacking on my 50% cacao dark chocolate chips, I distinctly noticed the sun setting earlier than usual. My next paid holiday is just a few weeks away and as we all know Labor Day is the official beginning of the seasonal change.

Chocolate Chips

I live in Florida, so it’s not so much the temperature that changes during Fall, and Winter, but the feel. The sunrises and sunsets here are so seasonally distinctive that the change means a new kind of start and finish to each day.

It’s important to be prepared. It’s so much easier when we are ready for an unexpected event. I admit it’s a bit of an oxymoron, but it happens. That said, I was thinking about desserts that can be made throughout the year, ingredients kept on hand to be added to anything.  Of course, Meringue popped right into my head. It’s a quick and easy sweet and can be made into cookies or used when baking cake or pie.

Pudding is great on the fly (chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch) used alone or, in combination with just about anything.


Let’s not forget the dried fruit and nuts, stored properly to avoid that nasty staleness. This is a good website for storage tips: National Center for Home Food Preservation


Once the holiday season comes around, it’s hard to find time to consider planning and purchasing all the required ingredients. And so, having a little bit of Summer left, why not get out the recipe book and plan out what to bake. An awful lot of time is spent wondering what to bake and not that much time to relax and enjoy baking it. Knowing what’s on the menu will take the stress out of unforeseeable gatherings. It’s just food for thought.

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