Cupcakes – Desserts of Champions

Cupcakes have made a major comeback as one of the nation’s most popular desserts. You can see cupcakes in almost all the finest bakeries and on shows like cupcake wars. Each episode demands that a unique, imaginative cupcake display be presented by each contestant for a chance to win.

For a while there, cupcakes were baked goods commonly used for fund-raising in schools. I remember roaming around and paying 1.00 for a wonderful gooey cupcake and another and another. My mother would give me money on the condition that I promised to eat my lunch first. I kept my promise by forcing down a bite of my sandwich, handing it off to the kid next to me and going on the hunt.

Raspberry Cupcakes
Elegant Cupcakes piped with multi-colored frosting and raspberries.

But have you seen them now? Looking at the cupcakes created by bakers today is a true feast for the senses. They have invented signature cupcakes that include everything from candy bar toppings to custom designed sheets of chocolate. Included in the never-ending list of imaginative toppings is fruit, burnt marshmallow, toffee bits, gummy bears, and unicorn horns atop rainbow frosting.

Historically, single servings of cakes and muffins were baked in potter’s cups. Then muffin tins came of age and the time saving cupcake was born. A few small cakes decorated differently and presented on a platter, looks like a variety of colorful desserts.

Here are some powerful examples of just how far cupcakes have come. Check out these fabulous bakers.

Lemon & Elderflower Giant Cupcake by The Baking Nanna

How to Make Beautiful Mermaid Cupcakes by Cupcake Jemma

If you haven’t watched “Cupcake Wars, you may want to check out some of the conquering cupcake heroes here at The Food Network Cupcake Wars.

Marshmallow and peanuts atop chocolate cupcakes
Whipped marshmallow and peanuts atop chocolate cupcakes.

I so enjoy seeing the beautifully decorated creations of today. The baking world has come farther than I could imagine. Desserts found in fine dining establishments are now being made right at home.

How ambitious do you feel right now? If you are a cupcake baker and want to share your experience, please do so here. Happy Cupcakes to you all!


5 thoughts on “Cupcakes – Desserts of Champions

  1. I always think they look amazing !!!
    but do not like the amount of butter cream on top.
    I like my cake to have a top and bottom with the butter cream sandwich them together.
    So when I make what in Poland are called babeczki .( little buns).. I just do a little bit of icing or a dredge of icing sugar.

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