The Art Of Desserts

Many years ago I sold desserts from my online shop Delightful Biteful. If you haven’t sold products online, I’m here to tell you, it’s anything but easy. A relaxing diversion was editing and posting pictures of the desserts for sale on my website. The irresistible cakes, pastries, and chocolates reminded me of the reason for my venture. The simple fact is that desserts make people happy. It was gratifying to hear someone say that the product I sold them helped make an important occasion successful.

Unfortunately, as the business grew, the pressure increased and working twelve hours a day every day became more than I could handle. I had to consider my health and finally shut it down. I knew it was the right thing to do when a feeling of relief rushed in as I went offline. However, I missed those lovely pictures displaying multi-layered cakes delicately decorated with buttercream rosettes and intricate piping.

A longtime friend of mine encouraged me to take up arts and crafts to help relieve some stress.

I began beading jewelry and by chance discovered polymer clay. It had a smooth texture and was realistic looking. I chose to sculpt desserts instead. I sold quite a few pieces but did it more for enjoyment than profit.

It helped me to celebrate sweets without having to stay up until 2:00 a.m. maintaining a website and filling orders. It was fun and relaxing. I recommend any form of art to anyone. It’s not just a way of passing the time, but a pathway to self-discovery.

Of course, life goes on and it’s not easy to find time for the things we enjoy doing, but I’ve decided to put aside any time I can to do something creative. I’ve since moved onto painting. Though I find enjoyment painting, I must admit that I’m not very good at it. I will also admit that I’m going to do it anyway because it relaxes me.

In a final analysis, I realize that sculpture and artwork have been powerful substitutes for unhealthy behavior. Sculpting desserts instead of overindulging for instance. When I sit down to enjoy a rich dessert, I don’t have the nagging feeling that I am stuffing my feelings by stuffing my stomach.

Someone once told me that life is an art. To master it fully is to gain fulfillment. – I’m going to try to adopt an attitude of mastery and meanwhile, learn to paint better.

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