Computers Art & Crepes for Dessert

It was a very busy and yes, stressful week. Returning to work after being out sick for three weeks made me feel like it was my very first day again.

There was, however, lots to laugh about as this week was laced with particularly colorful characters. New staff, no room, and everyone trying to make the best of it.

One of my coworkers likes to bake a dessert toward the end of the week and this weeks’ selection was cinnamon graham crackers soaked in toffee, baked and then topped with melted fudge and m&ms. It might look and sound strange and I honestly had to work up my nerve to try one but it turned out to be quite delicious. He informed me that toffee is really just a combination of butter and brown sugar. He heated the two ingredients to a boil, let it cool a little then poured the mixture across the graham crackers and baked them on low for about 8 minutes. He then topped them with the melted fudge and added the candy. Hey, it’s always good to know how your food was prepared.

As the day wound down, it was time to grab a bite and discuss our organization’s annual fundraiser, the good the bad and the ugly issues we’re having with our new computers and the best way to support our agency.

This is where the crepes come in. The problem with these is their light texture. I finished mine very quickly, even though they’re filled with a cream cheese sauce and topped with berries and whipped cream. I could go for another sitting here writing about it.

However the ‘Jammin’ in the Park & Art Fest’ is happening in Lauderhill tomorrow and what great music and art it shall be. There is a synergy between music and art. They are both designed to move us in mind, body, and spirit. The combination of the two adds pure energy to the mix (pardon the pun). So tomorrow I’m putting on my sneakers and sunscreen and going. Chicago’s ‘Saturday in the Park’ is what goes through my mind when I head out to events like these and it’s free!

I’ll just dream about hotdogs and hoagies for now. I lost 5 pounds after being ill and it’s high time I put them back on.

5 thoughts on “Computers Art & Crepes for Dessert

  1. Hi Kimberly – have a look at 2 of my posts – the first is The Perfect Pancake and the second is Sweet Curd Cheese – Polish Pancake Filling – they give instructions to make the lovely crepes you like.


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