Desserts and Snacks For The Flu

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything pertaining to food, particularly desserts & snacks. I’ve been the lucky recipient of the vaccine-resistant flu and that’s not all! I’ve also been awarded a post-secondary super-infection. Frankly, I don’t know what to do with all the bacterial attention. Now I am not one who enjoys pity but this time I will make an exception. I am lucky to have many people in my life that care about me, but as this situation lingers on I notice my loyal supporters staying as far from me as possible and realize that I’d better get better soon, or this could cause me to die alone. The most discouraging moment came when my doctor hit the wall behind him backing away as I exited his office.

So now that you have the picture, I will tell you about my food arsenal for special occasions like this.

I have a very small appetite but need protein, so I’ve decided on Pure Protein bars. Only 2 grams of sugar and I credit these partly for keeping me alive (I know I sound like an Italian opera).

Next, I need vitamin C with some healthy hydration so I’ve added Dole fruit cups to the collection.

I try to avoid sugar whenever I’m sick to give my body as much strength as I can to fight the invader.

By this point, I need something a little more filling but gentle on my body and I have found solace in Kozy Shack ‘Simply Well’ Rice Pudding. This is an absolute comfort food and you may be surprised at how pleasant it tastes without the sugar.

But what about a solid meal? I notice that I crave salt but I won’t go overboard, so I grab a can of Campbell’s Chicken Soup. This has been another invaluable tool in my arsenal. Thank you Campbell’s!

Next, to settle my stomach when those waves of acid come, I grab a few of those cute Keebler Elves Crackers. This might not work for everyone but it sure helps me.

Late at night if I wake up with mild hunger pangs, I grab Jello Sugar-Free Pudding. They have a nice variety of flavors.

I have not been able to enjoy regular meals at the usual times and eat what I can when I can. A powerful tool for this is good old Cheerios cereal and fresh fruit of course.

Finally, for a quick healthy snack, I grab Ocean Spray Craisins. Sweet and healthy!

This has been my diet over the last three weeks and unfortunately, this bacteria is resistant to antibiotics and I must ride it out with my doctor’s care, plenty of liquids and those that love me enough to drop what I need at my doorstep and run.

I’m looking forward to enjoying my favorite foods again. Until then I shall dream. Germs out-

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