Kosher Food- Sunrise Pita & Grill

There is something wonderful about dining on kosher food in an authentic Israeli restaurant. The small surroundings are immersed in ethnicity, with the aroma of traditional spices and random chatter in its native tongue. There exists a kind of bustling among the Jewish Israelis that suggests a great zest for life. The various types of apparel and attitudes of its customers expressed devotion to religion and country. What I enjoyed most at Sunrise Pita and Grill was the tolerance and good will toward one another.

There were some surprised and curious looks as my friend Pat and I entered the restaurant which was filled with local Jewish Israeli patrons. Then curiosity transformed in to pleasant smiles and a warm hearted atmosphere. It was clear that all were welcome to this traditional eatery but outsiders rarely took advantage of the opportunity. We felt very relaxed after a couple of minutes. The staff was fun and efficient. Doing a little of the decision making for us to suit our all American palates. On the way in I saw chickpea fritters in the picture display and had to try them. My friend Pat was set on the grape leaves.

We were intent mostly on noshing but it turned in to ‘Do you want that last one?’ – ‘Yes I do, you had your three already’. The mini beef shawarma plate (beef roasted on a revolving spit) was delicious. It was accompanied by salad and super creamy hummus with a delicious tahina dressing. I couldn’t resist taking home a chicken shishkabab sandwich topped with hummus, and tahina dressing. I ate it later and was so focused on the enjoyment, I forgot to photograph it. It was tender, moist and flavorful though.

Middle Eastern Lunch Plate
Beef Shawarma Mini Plate with Salad and Hummus

The fruit drinks were very tasty and it made me wonder why we had to come to an ethnic restaurant to find them. It would be nice to see a little less Coca Cola on the shelves and a little more of these fruity beverages. I had the pineapple and Pat had the mango and they were both very refreshing.

Soft Drinks at the Kosher Eatery
Non-carbonated Mango and Pineapple fruit drinks

The table tops; comprised of laminated chickpeas, kept catching my eye as if they were moving under glass. I loved the three dimensional effect and the simple yet innovative solution to the tabletop design question. It was a trendy spot that did not have to try too hard to impress customers with decor. The food was the star of this restaurant and I feel a return visit is imminent. Take out is available also.

(If you are in the area and want to give them a try, they are located at: 2680 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33322. They close at 3:00 pm on Friday and all day Saturday in observance of Shabbat.)

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  1. Yum!

    If I’m ever in the area . . .

    Neil S.

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    1. Kimberly says:

      I know it’s a long shot but stranger things have happened. Thanks for reading ☺️

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