Los Tacos – Adding Color to an Ordinary Day

I wanted to try something outside of the lunch box, so I drove a few extra blocks to Los Tacos Restaurant on Royal Palm Boulevard in Coral Springs (FL). Based on the recommendation I was not surprised at how tasty the food was. What amazed me was the atmosphere. Everywhere my co-worker and I looked there were beautiful handcrafted pieces of Mexican folk art depicting the “Day of the Dead” and Mexican folklore with color filled pictures and paintings throughout the entire establishment.


The restaurant’s manager Lincoln Otero Carbonell informed me that their Los Tacos restaurant is the only location with a full bar. He told me that patrons say, they feel as if they’ve been transported to Mexico when they come to dine.

Los Tacos began as a dream of Chef Omar Covarrubias who was born in Mexico City and began experimenting with food at a very young age. He graduated from Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Florida and went on to cook dinner for dignitaries around the world. Over the years he experimented with various flavors and cooking styles to create his own Mexican taste for people in South Florida.

Today we were happy to take advantage of Taco Tuesday where they offer four different taco flavors for 2.00 each; Chicken Tinga, Carne Asada (Beef), Pastor (Pork), and Carnitas (Pork). I tried the Carnitas taco. The roasted salsas were so flavorful and added just the right spices to the fresh pork. They were fabulous.

It really is advisable to take the extra time whenever possible to do something different. It can easily transform a typical day into something extraordinary. I carried the experience with me back to work and felt as if I had been lifted out of time for a little while and had the chance to simply have fun even though it was the middle of a workday, and no, I didn’t take advantage of the full bar.


I would highly recommend this place if you are in the Coral Springs area. A little enjoyment goes a long way, especially when it is culturally enriching.

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