Marzipan O’ Plenty

As a child I found the world of candy making as easy to comprehend as rocket science and I was confused by Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory but wondered how those candy bars of his really tasted. I always loved baked goods and confections and like many others, I am not a master baker. Baker’s think that anyone can do what they can and that’s a genuinely sweet thought, but untrue nonetheless. I say now that I enjoy browsing through the online catalogs and adding a few extravagant holiday items to my wish list. It really is one of my favorite holiday customs. I love the look and aroma of festive baked goods and of course the taste but feel I should make an effort toward making one or two desserts by hand during the holidays. I’ve tried to make that a custom too. There have been desserts that have never seen the light of day, as my kitchen coordination is not what it should be. It is okay with me. Someone has to stand by and be ready to eat.


Included in my candy making/baking efforts during the past years, was a wonderful recipe for marzipan. I had found it online ten years ago and have only found variations of it since. Unfortunately, I lost the original but recently, I found one almost identical at One major difference is the omission of almond extract. I must urge anyone that decides to try it, to use the almond extract about 1 1/2 tsp. It makes the confection taste extraordinary.


I could not find the almond meal I had purchased the first time. That time the almond meal was finer and smooth, but not as fine as flour. This time, I had to settle for almond meal similar to ground almonds. I enjoyed the taste just the same, but as far as sculpting designs and coloring them for the kids, it didn’t quite come off.


My baking buddy and I finally decided to ball the whole batch up and dip it in chocolate. We are going to serve it as candy. After all chocolate covered marzipan is included in almost every box of chocolates. It is a pleasure to make and an opportunity to embrace the candy making process of simply melting down sugar and adding a little cream of tartar in boiling water.



6 thoughts on “Marzipan O’ Plenty

  1. I love marzipan. I have a post in draft to be published soon about British Christmas cake which has a layer of marzipan, I always make my own.
    We only have 1 grade of ground almonds here in Britain… so cannot comment on your different ones.

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