Salad -The Healthy Camouflage

My co-worker and I went out after work the other night and were very hungry. We decided to stop at IHOP. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all on one menu, what’s not to like? I wanted something “healthy” and tasty but more on the tasty side, sort of cheeseburger and fries tasty. After searching around I noticed this great looking Cobb Salad which contained the typical ingredients, mixed greens, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, however instead of the grilled chicken breast, I chose the crispy chicken (meaning fried), sprinkled with cheddar cheese and compensated for this with nutrient-rich avocado for $1.00 extra.

Now let’s face it, this isn’t so much an alternative to an unhealthy dinner, as it is more of a way to neutralize it. This salad is huge, and if you don’t really care about the fried and fatty aspect of this monumental indulgence, then I highly recommend it.


Today’s nutritional thinkers view salads as a means of greatly improving health and wellness. I realized however that there is a gray area in the world of salads. They are not necessarily that healthy if they contain the salty fatty ingredients so many of us love.

I do suppose that any healthy ingredients are better than none but I also realize that I must not kid myself about the need for a healthier diet. I have to maintain a goal to knock off my eagerness for the fatty, salty, and sugary stuff.


Modern-day thoughts of dietary excellence normally include salads, but recently the salads have yielded more and more to junk food junkies like myself. Salads are beautiful and tasty but their inception did not evolve from the consideration of health but rather taste. Salt was a highlight of salads in ancient times (which is where its name originated). Salt was sprinkled on the salad itself or added to the dressing.

Needless to say, we both finished the whole thing and added a cup of hot chocolate to the meal. It tasted so good.

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