Dessert for Dinner

Today was a very busy day and left me feeling worn down. I needed a special pick-me-up so I decided to stop at Doris Italian Market on my way home. They have great meats and deli, but most of all I love their butter cookies. It seems like such a simple term for something so colorful and lavish.


I enjoy finger cookies layered with raspberry jam and now Doris has gone beyond the traditional Italian baked goods to offer fruit filled Hungarian holiday cookies, a delicate cookie-like pastry that softens beautifully when dunked in hot coffee, (yes I dunk). Another wonderful addition to their collection is Linzer Tarts, the tiny offspring of Linzer Torte, the ever-popular Austrian dessert.


I must confess, I ate the cookies with fresh coffee before bothering with dinner. It’s not something I do often, but once in awhile, I feel like breaking the rules. I believe that comes from spending more time doing what I need to do and less time doing what I want to do. It’s time to get out and have some fun.

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