Truffles – Mushrooms or Chocolates?

Truffles (Mushrooms): The great fungi are found in Amsterdam, The U.K., and Italy and various other regions. Many emit an “intoxicating fragrance” while others are said to be a little stinky. Whichever, you choose, this mushroom type food is likely to look unsavory on the outside but tastes quite delicious on your pizza. That pizza topping would raise the price of the Friday night snack to about 500.00 USD. To prolong the dining experience, scrapings of these exotic delicacies should be put aside to sprinkle on your omelet the next day. If a master chef is reading this right now, please bear with me, I am, after all, a common foodie.

truffle-1498484_960_720If you haven’t guessed I am a little ambivalent about this decadent additive, or appetizer at best. You see I make really good stuffed mushrooms. I can not say that about many things but my mushrooms rule once a year. During the holidays, I make enough for family and friends, and it is a lot of work, but happy labor. Could you imagine how much it would cost to prepare truffles instead? It would cost about $20,000.00 with promo codes and free shipping. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t do it. The pigs work hard for them and it should be theirs by right.

My money is still more likely to be spent on Chocolate Truffles and if I am going to spend triple digits, it will be on something like chocolate of the month.


This is a wonderful guide to some of the World’s Best Chocolatiers


This is a great page for Mushroom Truffles

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