Dessert? The Last Minute Bundt

Last night I was asked to bring something, anything baked to the Birthday Bash for a long time friend, Oliver. Our baker extraordinaire was out with a cold. It was going to be a large crowd and there wasn’t much time after the baker’s certainty she was well enough to do her thing but wasn’t, she was worse and with a fever.

I ran and got some Libby’s Pumpkin Bread, usually tasty and moist and flavorful enough, (although processed) and some good old Betty Crocker chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She was going into the Bundt pan, but would not present very well, as it is, after all just a round cake with a gaping hole in the middle.


I thought about a way to spruce it up, after taking the Pumpkin Bread out of the oven too soon and having stuck it back in, hoping to get it done in time. My excuse for that fiasco? The toothpick came out spotless. Little did I know it was because the batter just slid off and didn’t show on the pick after insertion. You see my friend set the temperature lower than necessary without my noticing. It was just an oversight, the printing on those boxes can seem small for someone with visual impairment. Oops, I am used to these little catastrophes due to being a little daffy after a whirlwind week. My redeeming contribution would have to be the Bundt. I ran again, through the supermarket to the cookie aisle and found Bahlsen Waffeletten cookies, a world market brand, perfect for the extra touch and a little extravagance. I frosted the cake and decided to sprinkle on some shredded coconut and placed the cookies in a symmetrical fashion around the top.

World-Market-CookiesThe cake was well received and lucky for all of us the Birthday Cake was already custom made at the local bakery and it was beautiful and large but not enough for the entire crowd. In the end, it reminds me that the little things in life can create a meaningful effect in many situations.

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