At’s a Dessert!

It was a packed house at At’s A Pizza in Tamarac, FL and the chef couldn’t ring out the food any faster, but managed to do it anyway. It’s a small place that does a nice job on Snapper Francese and Shrimp Alfredo but the desserts were the highlight of the dinner.

TiramisuI enjoyed the Tiramisu immensely because it contained the all-important ingredient, a coffee liquor which is vital to its rich taste. I’ve dined in restaurants that serve Tiramisu with the cake soaked in coffee flavoring and the authentic Italian dessert suddenly becomes a rather typical cream cake.

The cream cheese in their dessert was so fresh and flavorful, it was one of the best I’ve had. It reminded me of Western Europe’s best rendition of Tiramisu rather than exclusive to Italia, but so what? we couldn’t eat it fast enough.

The Chocolate Mousse cake was light and creamy layered with chocolate fudge cake and drizzled with chocolate icing, but not too sweet, just enough so we could savor the delicate balance of tastes and textures.

Great job At’s a Pizza
If you’re in the area and would like to give them a taste, they are located at 6714 N. University Dr. in Tamarac FL

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