Dessert Torte – The Elite Cake

The torte is probably my favorite of all desserts. It is a dense cake, usually with ground nuts containing very little or no flour at all. The Latin named it torte for “flat cake”. It is not overly sweet and has a melt in the mouth texture that leaves you satisfied.

In her book “1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die” Mimi Sheraton writes about a popular recipe in Balkan Yugoslavian home cooking known as Torta Od Oraha, thin, crunchy, true tortes made without flour or any fat other than egg yolks. Finely ground walnuts are used in place of flour, it includes black coffee and only a 1/4 cup of sugar.

There seems to be a little argument concerning the true origin of dessert torte. Some say it originated in Austria and found it’s way to Italy and France. Others believe it began in Hungary. Others say it existed in some form as early as the 3rd century.

Whether layered with jelly, glazes, or fruit, or a single layer dense moist cake, it is probably the most delicious and yet underrated cake we have and a little bit more expensive. Nuts cost more than flour in any country, but dessert torte is a
special occasion dessert worth saving a special occasion for.

My favorite is Truffle Torte,  creamy and rich with a smooth inner texture that tickles the funny bone. A quick and delicious no-bake recipe can be found here at

Some great ideas and recipes can be found on Pinterest ExploringTortes. It has everything from Plum to Pumpkin and much more.


This is a great recipe for chocolate coffee frosting which is the perfect companion for dessert torte at

The only real difference between a layered cake and a torte is the flour. The defining ingredient need only be substituted for ground nuts or breadcrumbs to be considered a torte. Which of course results in a shorter cake appearing more like a single layer cake in many instances. But either way, I say Yummm!

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