Breakfast – In Loving Memory of..

While most people love scrambled eggs or cereal for breakfast each morning, I would often look for the more filling and maybe less prudent choice of foods, which is something I had in common with my friend Sue. Sadly, Sue has passed away unexpectedly and I wanted to dedicate this post to her. We shared a love of crepes, blintzes and other breakfast items like pancakes and waffles. What do these dishes all have in common? They all require flour, eggs, milk, and oil or butter. What does that say about the nutritional value? Not much, but they sure taste good. We would laugh and ignore our diets, then cry about the weight we’d gain, so lose the pounds and go back and have some more. It reminds me now of the song ‘Cabaret’ as we both loved old films and music.


Crepes are a flour based pastry rolled very thin and prepared in a frying pan with oil or butter, filled with fruit or custard. But with a good recipe and proper temperature settings (medium heat), crepes are just as good with fresh butter and powdered sugar. However I used to cook up crepes with strawberry sauce and marshmallow creme, that was her favorite. Crepes have a habit of sneaking up on a person, so light and airy, after the fourth one we’d realize that we’d gone too far.

Sue absolutely adored blintzes, another pancake-like treat that requires sugar with a touch of salt and is fried or baked. She liked them fried with cream cheese and blueberries. They left us feeling nice and full.

I can not leave out the pancakes, that fabulous cake-like batter that may sometimes contain fruit. Blueberry is my favorite while she was a banana foster’s type. These last years I have come to love cornmeal pancakes. They have a softness and a delicate taste that reminds me of the countryside and are usually not as heavy as regular pancakes. Sue didn’t care as long as she had syrup.

Last but of course not least are the Belgian waffles, which by the way, made their debut in 1964 at the World’s Fair in New York. The grid design on either side from baking in a waffle iron adds to that light fluffy texture. Sue would eat them with her hands like a little kid. I would have my morning waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top (so bad but so good).

For quick simple recipes that you can get creative with check out

As for Sue, I know she is in the netherworld eating all of these rich delights and not worrying about calories or cholesterol, just joy, and happiness. Rest in peace mon, Ami.


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