Desserts Made With Cheese

When I was young my parents would take me to the St. Gennaro Feast on Manhattan’s lower east side. I remember visiting one of the outdoor cafes with customers buzzing around after too many espressos with Sambuca, eating authentic ‘Italiano’ cheesecake. I recall tasting a bite of their cheesecake and finding it heavier than I would’ve imagined.

Whether it was a Ricotta cheesecake, a cheese made from the water left over from milk during cheesemaking or Mascarpone, a cheese derived from milk cream, they both tasted very good but heavy.


When I tasted cream cheese cheesecake, my world brightened. I also thought that a lighter taste meant a tighter waist. But alas no. I learned this the hard way when on a cheesecake kick it was remarked that I had gained an awful lot of weight. I finally realized that each slice has between 20 and 28 grams of fat. Oops… I now take very small bites of cheesecake like many others which were the inspiration behind cheesecake bites.

Some really impressive cheesecake flavors include Chocolate mousse cheesecake (covered in Belgian chocolate), sweet potato, almond mocha, espresso and, chocolate walnut cheesecake. If you want to try a cheesecake recipe for yourself this is a super simple one from Betty Crocker and this is a little more in-depth from King Arthur Flour
with ‘More to Explore’ at the bottom of the page for special flavors and combinations.

I am waiting for cheese Kringle bites. They are another cheesy sweet that has to be taken a little at a time, but better than nothing I guess.


Featured Photo by Mike Pellinni on Unsplash

Inline Photo by Alireza Etemadi on Unsplash

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