Throw a Party together Instantly!

For a quick party platter, arrange sliced cheese and cheese cubes such as jack, muenster and Colby with some jalapeno flavor for added oomph. Purchase some green and purple grapes and add them as a part of the snack tray and arrange them as a decorative garnish.

Ritz has a roasted vegetable flavored cracker that is so tasty and different from the old Ritz days. I highly recommend them, for zest and flavor. Place them in rows within a covered basket and spread out some fudge wafers in a basket, for dessert.
Yum… Lemonade and Iced Tea are perfect beverages for this get-together.


Making the most of simple things is a great gift to develop. I realized some time ago that it doesn’t take fancy items or great expense to create something tasteful and gratifying. The presentation is an important part of the enjoyment of food served at our leisure and little things go a long way. Keep that in mind when you see food presentations or go out to a restaurant and take notice of garnish and edible beds that food is served on. Just a dollop of whipped cream with a cherry on top wakes our inner child right up. Well, that goes for the adult in us, who enjoys seeing something tasty, presented nicely.

Just a note, that hanging on to serving trays and even tins that are received as gifts or from various shopping outlets come in very handy when you need something to place your own foods on. Just be sure to wash them well and soak them in hot soapy water for twenty minutes and store them like any other food containers, in a cool dry place.

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