Dessert Torte – The Elite Cake

Torte is probably my favorite of all desserts. It is a dense cake, usually with ground nuts containing very little or no flour at all. The Latin named it torte for “flat cake”. It is not overly sweet and has a melt in your mouth texture that leaves you satisfied. In her book “1000 Foods to Eat Before you Die” Mimi Sheraton writes about a … Continue reading Dessert Torte – The Elite Cake

Breakfast – In Loving Memory of..

While most people love scrambled eggs or cereal for breakfast each morning, I would often look for the more filling and maybe less prudent choice of foods, which is something I had in common with my friend Sue. Sadly, Sue has passed away unexpectedly and I wanted to dedicate this post to her. We shared a love of crepes, blintzes and other breakfast items like … Continue reading Breakfast – In Loving Memory of..

Desserts Made With Cheese

When I was young my parents would take me to the St. Gennaro Feast on Manhattan’s lower east side. I remember visiting one of the outdoor cafe’s with customers buzzing around after too many espressos with Sambuca, eating authentic ‘Italiano’ cheesecake. I recall tasting a bite of their cheesecake and finding it heavier than I would’ve imagined. Whether it was a Ricotta cheesecake, a cheese … Continue reading Desserts Made With Cheese

Dessert Profundity.. or not

Although she was surrounded by the finest chefs and bakers in the world with gold leaf icing on succulent chiffon and moist tea party cakes, Marie Antoinette did not say “Let Them Eat Cake” and was not likely to have eaten much cake herself. As so many people around the world have their own version of  Marie Antoinette, her character or lack thereof,  many desserts … Continue reading Dessert Profundity.. or not

Bread Crumbs that Stick to Your Cutlets

For years, when making one of my favorite foods, chicken cutlets, I would run in to the sagging bread crumb dilemma. That is, until I was told by my father, a long time avid food lover and chef that using lemon juice on fried chicken cutlets is a great way to flavor your chicken and make the bread crumbs stay tight and crispy. The trick … Continue reading Bread Crumbs that Stick to Your Cutlets

Heirloom Pumpkins – What’s This?

  These seeds are handed down through generations of pumpkin families and from different parts of the world. Different types of pumpkins / squash are used to make various dishes. A wonderful resource with a mass of relevant pumpkin information can be found at: This astonishing natural wonder is actually a cultivar by people in Western countries such as; New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, the … Continue reading Heirloom Pumpkins – What’s This?

Steak – Mushrooms and of Course Dessert

  One of the most fabulous and fulfilling meals of all time! This is my favorite method. One six ounce jar of whole mushrooms 1/4 cup of oil 1 tsp butter Add sprinkling of: Garlic powder Onion powder Basil with a swig of oregano rubbed between fingers to soften and release flavor Two leaves chopped parsley 1 tsp salt Saute for 15 minutes Steaks (Cooked … Continue reading Steak – Mushrooms and of Course Dessert