Then there is dessert…

A lovely piece black velvet cake with a cup of espresso coffee is the perfect combo. A lighter textured cake alternative is a slice of New York Cheesecake, just remember that cheesecake in all its glory is one of the most fattening desserts around. Dessert for the whole gang should entail a variety of sweets. A really important task is making sure none of the guests require sugar-free or gluten-free sweets. Dessert cut into small pieces gives everyone a chance to sample the goods without overindulging. A fruit tart and a carrot cake is a win-win combination. Prepare a plate of cut-up fresh fruits and the dessert phase is complete!

However, if you feel like adding something homemade to the spread, consider making your own whipped cream. Frankly, there is nothing like it. This is a super simple recipe and makes a lovely addition to the dessert feast at

A little Beethoven and Bach make for some heavenly background music. It will also keep everyone calm while they wait for the food. The holidays are coming, so have the classic movies ready in case your guests want to hone the holiday spirit. Pre-loading the DVD player is a convenient way to entertain the folks without having to stop everything you’re doing. Just click and it’s all taken care of.

Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash

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