Sweet and Simple

Some of the best things in life are free and many of the best things are the simplest. Take these examples: Meringue, for instance, is a lovely delicate stand-alone dessert or dessert addition and it takes minimal effort to produce. I love this recipe for authentic French Meringue at www.allrecipes.com – Magnifique!

How about adding a layer of whipped cream to the bottom of a champagne glass and piling in a generous amount of seasonal berries with whipped cream on top. It is the perfect delicate dessert on the fly. So speaking of whipped cream, this is another wonderful dessert addition and so easy to make. There are wonderful recipes online, this is a very popular and simple one from www.addapinch.com

Then there are the unexpected dinner guests that fancy a nice dessert. It is as simple as a scoop of chocolate ice cream with the addition of a pirouette cookie tilted to the side, and lastly, dressing up a pound cake with berries and whipped cream, and with the help of a little vanilla pudding creating a parfait in a snap. There are so many ways to make an impressive presentation and create the illusion of fine dining from the simplest ingredients.

Photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

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