Celebrating Little Treats

The holidays are two skips away and to say farewell to Summer I want to pass on some tips that may enhance the moments we have left. Have you ever sliced up an apple and covered it with melted caramel? How about a dollop of sour cream on a sliced banana with some sugar sprinkled on top? Maybe a sliced pear with honey drizzled across it? Cool weather or not, fresh fruits can be located just about anywhere. These kinds of snacks are perfect for late nights during that quiet time when the snow is coming down and the world seems calm. These snacks are also an alternative to packing on solid fat and calories when there is no chance of working them off before bed.

If I have trouble sleeping, I enjoy a cup of warm milk with a piece of dark chocolate, stirred right in. It adds some nostalgia to the intoxicating dairy. I drift right back to the days of my youth and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Here are some pre-holiday season tips that you might like: In the morning I enjoy some eggs Benedict with a slice of toast and a half an orange. This is a great recipe that you can tailor to your needs https://www.incredibleegg.org

For lunch, I recommend cheese and crackers (brie is best). Some sliced apple is a healthy accompaniment. For dinner (this is the important part), I slice some black olives and smoked red peppers and lay them across a couple of Romaine lettuce leaves and add some marinated artichoke hearts and lay on a couple of thin slices of Italian salami and ham. If you want a nice Italian dressing, just remember to add 1 tbs. of vinegar for every 3 tbs. of olive oil, add a pinch of oregano and basil, a couple of shakes of garlic powder,  salt and pepper (to taste), sprinkling a little bit of grated Romano cheese on top of the lettuce. The dressing tastes best when marinated overnight.

Breadsticks are a great bread substitute. Why pack on extra fat and calories when you can save it for dessert? I will say that I do eat early (4:30 at the latest) and I do not eat again for the rest of the day. If I get too hungry I will have two unsalted crackers or pretzels. I also dance for exercise. It works! I do not carry that much extra weight. It’s in the jeans and they fit pretty well afterward.

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